Liferay Portal 

is a license-free open-source software that is used in companies as an employee and business process-oriented enterprise portal. With Liferay, information, data and applications can be web-based and personalized under one unified user interface to electronically support business processes throughout the organization.

The development is based on a development started in 2000 by Bryan Chang. The original goal of enabling non-profit organizations to create an enterprise portal solution was in 2004 with the founding of the Liferay company. Inc. expanded to commercial aspects.

Liferay Portal was named a leading solution quadrant in September 2010 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products report, making it the first and only open source alternative on par with IBM (with Websphere Portal), Microsoft ( with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server), Oracle (with BEA WebLogic Portal), and SAP (with SAP NetWeaver Portal). (Wikipedia

Collaboration is the key to solving complex problems

The use of computer networks has increased the supply of freely available information to almost infinite.
However, freely accessible content from the Internet is not always sufficient to meet the information needs of large communities.The largest part of information required by experts in daily use can be
found behind payment thresholds of publishers. This is clearly not
accessible by public search engines.

The combination of the products Liferay, PPR and [j] search solves this problem elegantly and uncompromisingly.