Making employee knowledge available to the company.

The use of the Internet as a knowledge motor has become part of our lives. Why you can achieve more benefits with your own search engine than with Google and Co, we explain to you on this page.

Example of a company intranet Example of a company intranet

See what is around the corner!

Or how things are connected.

Data silos are a common (and often unavoidable) phenomenon in a company's IT landscape. To solve simple or complex problems, companies in the past, developed databases, tables or small websites that address and solve an individual problem. During the use of these "small" applications powerful tools and data collections have been created from these decentralized and maintained applications.

Such silos of data are an expression of the positive and productive way of thinking of employees who cannot or do not want to wait for IT to create a professional solution.
With Liferay and our individual extensions, we offer an ideal solution for all creative minds in a company who want to implement a good idea quickly and effectively without creating data silos whose migration into the corporate context poses a particular future challenge. 

Liferay provides the technical platform for employee engagement and innovation. By networking with others in the company, knowledge and innovations can be quickly shared with all. 


See what others are looking for ....

The following graph visualizes what doctors around the world have been looking for! In the visualization you will learn more about knowledge spaces that are already explored by others. The graphic is interactive.  For all those who want to search by themselves, click here for the demo application