Why we love to use Java as a programming language

But we don't just love JAVA. Here you can find out why we also use other languages!

Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed and familiar programming language. It is an essential part of our daily work, because it is robust and secure and at the same time architecture neutral and portable.
Java is extremely powerful because it is parallelizable and dynamic.


Java is always on board, even if you need to switch to another system.

Java is portable. Portability means here - transferability - to other systems. In Java data types are standardized both in their size and internal representation as well as in their arithmetic behavior.  These properties have made Java one of the most popular and widespread software languages in the years since its development.


We love to do many tasks at the same time 

Java supports multithreading, i.e. the parallel execution of independent program sections. On modern JVMs it is possible to map Java threads to operating system threads. They benefit from processors with multiple cores.


What makes Java still powerful?

Java has the potential to achieve better performance than languages limited to compile time optimizations (C++, etc) due to the optimization option at runtime. 

The decision to use the programming language used is often not easy and is determined by other factors.  With the help of our experts you can make a more reliable decision for the choice of a technology.