Research project Simple Anno, consortium management [j]karef GmbH, Rüdiger HenriciThe share of e-learning in continuing education and the demand for digital content for decision support in professional practice are steadily increasing. Reasons for this are the better compatibility of family and work, lower costs than on-the-job training and the adhoc availability of information. The future belongs to completely new learning and teaching concepts that are reinvented within the digital world. But for the creation of e-learning content or tutorials high-quality images, texts and videos are necessary.

The goal of the development is a system for publishers, e-learning providers and doctors' practices, which helps authors to provide content simply and systematically with meta-information using a semi-automatic assistance system. For this purpose, an author should be given concrete suggestions for the meta description within defined categories on the basis of a free text entered by him. In addition, authors are assisted in establishing exploitation rights and in enforcing the payment of their content.

Schlussbericht Simple Anno