Chaos und Ordnung

Transform chaos to a valuable product using agile processes

When systems are so sensitive to change that long-term predictions become impossible, it's called chaotic behavior.

In deterministic chaos, the behavior of systems becomes unpredictable, even though it is predetermined (determined) by known motion sequences. Because small initial disturbances increase here over time.

In software projects of the magnitude of person-months, initial disorders play a greater role in achieving the objectives than in small completed projects, e.g. a simple website.

Agile methods are therefore particularly well-suited to respond to fuzzy or changed requirements, since the development cycles are usually not created from the outset long. The requirements are recorded with short descriptions and formulated shortly before the start of implementation and test preparation. Due to the short development cycles, the requirements are relatively free of subsequent changes.

Agile software development is characterized by self-organizing teams, as well as an iterative and incremental approach.


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IT-Beratung & Konzeption

Wir arbeiten eng verzahnt mit unseren Kunden, um auch in komplexen Umgebungen Geschäftsideen zu identifizieren, zu erproben und zu erforschen.  Im digitalen Zeitalter geben wir Ihnen Orientierung, entwickeln Ihren digitalen Fahrplan und setzen ihn um.