Do not fight alone!

Image by Cliff Hang on Pixabay

Over 260,000 vulnerabilities in IT systems create almost infinite options for attackers to make life difficult for you and your company.

Security teams struggle to keep up with the ever-changing demands of cybersecurity, and the continued emergence of new issues leads to more and more vulnerabilities.

 Misconfigured RDP, publicly accessible administrator portals, and insecure Apache web servers or Microsoft Exchange servers etc. are tempting gateways for attackers.

Unlike corporations, small and medium-sized businesses often lack the resources to effectively protect their infrastructure. That's where a powerful friend like JOUO can help, providing security analysis based on over 400 million data sets.

Using heuristic models, JOUO calculates probabilities for exploiting a vulnerability in your and your business partners' Internet structure. To do this, we rely on continuously collected data that has become known about the successful exploitation of a vulnerability. 

Typically, small and medium enterprises need between 2 and 5 weeks to secure or fix vulnerabilities. With JOUO's prediction, IT can focus on the highest risk vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation of the most critical threats.  

JOUO takes a data-driven approach (based on proprietary algorithms and AI models), that doesn't leave it at the risk assessment of a single attack vector found, but paints a complete picture of the security posture of all stakeholders, also within a supply chain. In this way, time series analyses are made possible, which make threat patterns visible in a previously unknown quantity of data.

As JOUO is the most powerful tool in its price class for identifying vulnerabilities in your web infrastructure, its extensive contents also provide SMEs with functionalities currently only available in high end price class tools: 

You are not alone, #DoNotFightAlone: 

With JOUO you get the data reliably and permanently needed to protect your company against cyber attacks.  

What is the first step you can take? Get a JOUO account to understand some of the issues and how you / your security team can leverage automation through JOUO to reduce the risk of a cyberattack and stop being in the dark.

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