Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Organize processes and resources optimally - and remain competitive with maximum efficiency:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers this to its users.

The ERP functions such as financial management, marketing, purchasing, sales, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and service management are complemented by the fully integrated Liferay API with a powerful community tool.

Enterprise Search

The search portlet provides the operator of a Liefray portal with the services of [j]search. More than 4 million articles from many areas of knowledge are made legally available to customers or employees with just a tap. Users of the portal who enter a term or phrase will see related content according to predefined rules and reinforcements. Users can filter or facet their search for content types, publishers, date ranges, magazines, and many other attributes. The portlet provides access to content through purchase or time-based access (PPR). The portlet can be extensively customized by administrators to tailor the portlets to the needs of individual audiences on the various pages of a platform. [j]search automatically acquires licenses for the content you want and calculates them fully automatically with content providers.

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Catalog Portlet

The Liferay catalog portlets increase the efficiency of authors and editors in aggregating content.
From the extensive inventory of technical contents of various topics from medicine and dentistry, high-quality content offers can be created quickly and reliably with the help of the portlet.
Two business models are supported:

  • Buy and download articles as eBook, Word DOC or PDF
  • Use of documents by means of reading time credits

Optionally, the purchase of publications via the integrated shop function is possible.