The fairy tale of the 

dark shadow of shame

Image by Ryszard Andrzejowski on Pixabay

Once upon a time in the distant past, a powerful king kept precious treasures hidden away. But one day, something unbelievable happened in his kingdom. A sinister figure, a mage of darkness, crept unnoticed behind the impregnable walls of one of the country's largest palaces.

The Mage of Darkness was a skilled sorcerer who used cunning and dark magic to break through all the barriers around the palace. He plundered the treasures and secrets hidden within the mighty walls. It was a triumph for the dark magician and a nightmare for the king.

But this is where the dilemma that this story tells begins. The strong guardians of the walls and borders were ashamed that they had been so susceptible to the magician's dark spell. The shame they felt was like a dark shadow that filled their hearts.

And so the mighty of the realm decided to keep this dark secret. They kept the mage's attack hidden from the people and hoped that the dark traces would never come to light. They seemed to have no other choice in their actions.

But the concealment was like a curse that haunted the kingdom and the king. Since nobody knew anything about the incident, the dark magician was able to plunder all the other palaces in the country without anyone being able to seriously stop him. Generals and guards were baffled and trust in the king and guards crumbled like old plaster from the walls.

And so the story continued, in a never-ending maelstrom of secrecy and loss. The guardians of the realm had hidden the raid from the world, but they had lost the trust and loyalty of their subjects when everything came to light.
The tale teaches us that the concealment and shame of mistakes can act as a dark curse.

It's a dilemma we all know in our modern age. The truth may be painful, but it is the key to healing and rebuilding trust. And so the story ends, with the hope that companies and people will also find the courage to tell the truth and learn from their mistakes.

Anyone who knows me knows that this fairy tale tells the story of companies that conceal a hacker attack on their digital family silver.


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